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Hello! Welcome to my "Antique Piano Collection" web site. This page is dedicated to old pianos. It is my way of sharing with you my hobby, the restoration of antique pianos and player pianos. I have a collection of old pianos for you to see, and information on restoring old pianos. I'm always looking for interesting old instruments, so come back anytime and see if I have anything new! I hope you enjoy seeing pictures of my old pianos.

If you have an old piano, and are looking for information on it, or want information on how to restore your old piano, there are several great books worth looking at.  Be sure to visit my recommended reading page!


Here are some of my favorite piano and musical instrument links LINKS!

If you'd like to make a donation help me keep this website up, and also to go towards the restoration and preservation of old pianos, I accept PayPal donations.  Just send payment to from   Thanks!

The books that I have found helpful, you might too. See my Recommended Reading page.

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Questions on your old piano?

IMPORTANT: Please note that it is next to impossible to estimate the market value of your piano without seeing it in person, so please don't ask!

Want to know what year your piano was made? I'll try to get you some information.


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