1918 Hamilton

1918 Hamilton Player

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The Hamilton Piano Company was established in 1889 in Chicago. Eventually, the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company of Cincinnati took over the company. Some Hamiltons were built in Chicago, and some were built in Cincinnati. This piano was built in Cincinnati. It has an emblem on the plate that reads: "House of Baldwin".
The player mechanism in this piano is of the Baldwin design. While many player restorers avoid the Baldwin player, it is actually a very good design, and when properly built, it will last a long time, and generally is very 'tight' meaning it loses little vacuum.
This piano was given to me by it's previous owner. The piano is in generally poor condition, but it has never been rebuilt, and all of the parts are still there. The finish is oak, which tells me that it was a higher quality piano when new. The restoration work on this instrument has begun. The player mechanism is now completely rebuilt, and so is the pump. Below are some photos of the rebuilt player. The next step is the refinishing of the piano case, which I've also started. In one of the pictures below, you can see the partial removal of the old finish.

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  interior of Hamilton with action and player removedInterior of piano top - Hamilton's warranteeView of "House of Baldwin" emblemAnother interior view of HamiltonView of Hamilton plate

View of Baldwin player mechanism motorBaldwin player mechanism take-up reelRear view of player stack. (Removed from piano)another view of stack rearpicture showing player mechanism with motor in foreground

view of player pump. view of pump and pedals (pump is under the keybed - and very dusty!)View of player 'speedometer' and "Manualo" logo  


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