1927 Fischer

The elder Fischer was a piano maker from Vienna, who moved to Naples, Italy in the late 1700's. He was well known for the quality of his work. He was appointed Piano Maker to King Ferdinand I, of Naples. He taught the trade of piano making to his son Carl, who later studied for a number of years in Vienna. After this, Carl returned to Naples, and continued his fathers business. Carl had two sons, John & Charles, who followed their father and grandfather, becoming expert piano makers. The two sons went to New York City in 1839, and started working with WIlliam Nunns. They became partners with Nunns, and the firm was named Nunns & Fischer. Nunns retired in 1840, and the firm then changed names to J.& C. Fischer. This new company flourished, and in 1873 John retired to Italy a wealthy man. Charles meanwhile had four sons whom he taught the business to. The company continued to flourish eventually being incorporated in 1907. At this time, the factory was making in excess of 5,000 pianos a year!

This piano just arrived, and I only took some photos.  It is a 6' Art Case piano with Ampico player.  The player mechanism was completely removed from the piano and came in pieces and parts.  It appears to be complete. 










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