1959 Hardman Peck & Company Player Piano

Greg's Antique Piano Collection

This piano was a 'garage sale' find! This piano was made by the Aeolian company in Memphis, Tenn around 1959. The player piano started to make a comeback in the late 50's and early 60's. This piano was an attempt to capture some of that market. The piano uses very much the same player and pump as did the player pianos from the 1920's. But, since people did not want a big upright piano, or could not afford the cost of a grand piano, this piano is a studio size.

It is finished in a 'blonde' color (more yellow really!) and while I'm sure it was all the rage in 1960, it is not really pleasant to look at now. So, this piano will be refinished in a more 'modern' finish, and the player will be reconditioned as needed.

Here are some pictures showing the already started refinish work.

Front of piano partially disassembledPhoto of refinishing in progress - right side is doneImage of piano backImage of actionRear view of actionFront of player mechanism

Image of player motorRear view of tracker bar - note the rubber tubesImage of player stack - rearPicture of player pump - frontImage of player pump - rear

A picture of the inside, showing the 'rinky-tinks'. These are the black strips hanging in front of the wires. These are struck by the hammers and in turn, these hit the wires, giving it a 'honky-tonk' sound. This feature can be turned off by a lever which raises them out of the way of the hammers, returning the sound to normal.

Rinky-tinksClose-up of the piano actionImage of Hardman logoview of what the refinished piano will look like


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