1907 Lester

1907 Lester Cabinet Grand
Greg's Antique Piano Collection

The Lester Piano Company made pianos in Lester, Pennylsvania, near Philadelphia. The company was founded in 1888. In the Philadelphia area at that time were a number of piano companies, all of which stuck to traditional Quaker values of craftsmanship. Lester made pianos there until 1960 using both the Lester name, and the Betsy Ross Spinet piano. Until 1936, they also made pianos under the names Schubert, Bellaire, Alden, Channing, Leonard & Co., Regent Schilling, Gounod, and Lawrence.
This piano was made in 1907. I am in the process of refinishing the case on this one. It is finished in Mahogany, but at some time in the past, it was painted (with many, many coats) an antique blue. This instrument was found in the warehouse of the local piano moving company. They had been storing it for several years, and were looking to clear out some room, so I became the lucky owner of this piece of history!
This particular instrument has some rather interesting carvings on it. The front has a crest in the center, and two dragons, one on each side, facing each other. Also, the ends of the instrument are carved in a 'window pane' fashion. Keep checking back, as I will update this page on my progress.

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VIew of Lester plateView of partially refinished LesterView of upper front panel View of front columnView of Lester logo and serial numberView of Lester showing birds-eye maple interior


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