My Favorite Piano and Musical Instrument Links!


Looking for a new or used piano to purchase?  Check out my friends at East Coast Piano at

Have an old player piano and want to attempt to rebuild the player mechanism yourself?  Maybe need a missing part?  I use the Player Piano Company in Kansas.  Visit their website at

Teaching Piano Lessons Tammy Widjaja’s Site On Free Piano Lessons after being taught by her grand mother

Are you interested in knowing the age of your piano? E-Mail me your piano serial number, and the name on the fallboard or the plate, and I'll look it up for you.

A Great site for historical English pianos? has a lot of information on them.

Looking for an excellent PIANO MOVER?  Visit They can move your fine instrument across town or across America!  This is the only company I have ever used.

Need more information on buying parts or supplies? Then visit my friends at:

Like to get more information on musical instruments, besides pianos and player pianos? Try: for info on organs, music boxes, and such.

Want to know more about the care and feeding of your piano? Visit

If you want a great technician for your piano, see the homepage of the Piano Technicians Guild at

If you know of an interesting links that you think should be listed here, please let me know!

Want to find a book on pianos, or other musical instruments? Visit my "recommended reading" page.

Some of my personal favorite websites: (Urban Legends Reference) (My other hobby - Ghost Hunting!) (fake news) (bargains galore!)



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