1898 Starr

1898 Starr Cabinet Grand Piano 

The Starr Piano Company's history begins in 1849, when a gentleman by the name of Trayser made pianos and melodeons in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1869, he started a piano company in Ripley, Ohio, which was moved to Richmond, Indiana in 1872 when James and Benjamin Starr became partners in the business. In 1878, Trayser retired, and Milo Chase entered the firm. At this time, the name was the Chase Piano Company. In 1884, the Starr brothers obtained control of the company and the name changed again to the Starr Piano Company. Benjamin died in 1903, at which time the company was making over 18,000 pianos a year. Some of the names that the Starr Piano company used were: Richmond, Remington, Cumberland, Krell, Cornado, Duchess, Minum, Gennett, Pullman, Schmoller & Mueller, and also Royal. The company ceased business in 1949.
The Starr Cabinet Grand piano I own was purchased from a family who owned the piano since 1983. They purchased it from their church, at a fund raiser. After their kids had taken piano lessons for a couple of years, and not liking it, they decided to sell this piano. I paid them what they were asking for the instrument. This piano really needed only minor tuning to be a good instrument. I refinished the case to bring out it's carved surfaces. This instrument is a good example of the typical quality pianos being made near the turn-of-the-century.It is not especially valuable, but has a full rich sound and is lot of enjoyment. It adds class to whatever room it is in.  It should be noted that this piano was in 2004 for $1800.

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View of Starr with front panels removedView of plate w/Starr name & painted borderView of Starr PianoView of front panel showing carvingInside view of Starr with piano action removed

Another vire of Starr front panelFull frontal viewPicture of Starr Piano Company logoView of lower panel and brass pedals


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